POLDI: Pulse Overlap time-of-flight Diffractometer





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Sample table

Figure 1. Standard sample tables at POLDI.

The standard sample table is shown in figure 1. The basic lower table has a load capacity of 10 t. It can be moved vertically in a range of 520 mm. On this table different sample tables can be mounted.

Usually a rotation table is mounted. The rotation centre of the table is aligned to the centre of the gauge volume. The rotation table can be driven in a range of 180. On this rotation table two perpendicular linear tables are sample table are installed. The movement range for both units is 150 mm. The load capacity this positioning system is 200 kg.

The samples can be fixed at three plates with different diameter (see figure 1). For large and heavy specimens the big plate with a diameter of 490 mm can be used. The specimens can be fixed with M8 or M10 screws (see also figure 2).

The middle and the small plates have diameters of 160 mm or 85 mm, respectively. The specimens can be fixed with M6 screws or special add-on peaces (figure 3). Due to the elongated holes in the ad-on pieces their fixing can be fitted on the dimension of the sample. For powder samples a vanadium container is available.

Figure 2. Scheme of the lower and middle plate.

Figure 3. Add-on pieces for fixing of the samples on the sample table.